Friday, 5 December 2014

Guest post from Michael Wallage on beard balms

Michael Wallage BeerdFest WINNER 2014 Photograph Kayley Cope 
I`ve been making my own beard balm now for quite some time. It`s a Lanolin based balm that both myself and the few people who have tried it think is excellent. I toyed with the idea of producing it in larger quantities and selling. However... I think that there are so so many people producing excellent beard care products that the venture would take a great deal of hard work and time to see very little in return.

So for what it`s worth I`m going to share it with you good folks and you can make up your own minds. I use 4 parts of pharmaceutical grade Lanolin (I`ve been using Lanisnoh but this is expensive, (i`ll deal with that issue later) 3 parts organic virgin coconut oil and 1 part of a light carrier oil. Simply weigh out the ingredients into a bowl, stand this bowl in another larger bowl of hot (not boiling water) When the Lanolin and Coconut oil has melted i just give the solution a good stir and leave to set.
I then fill some little containers i bought on the internet (pennies each) and bob`s ya uncle. Put a small amount on the palms, rub your hands together and ....well you know the score, you`ve had a beard for long enough. If you want some scent you can always drip a few drops of your favourite beard oil into the palms with the balm and combine the two before application.

Now to the cost of that Lanolin... Lanisnoh around about £10.00 for a small tube. I did a little bit of research and found this company, based in Reading who sell pharmaceutical grade Lanolin very reasonably...amongst other products you may find useful prices start at £9.00 for 500g falling pro-rata to as little as £75.00 for 5kg. 

This balm works really well for me and the few who have tried it, it`s not been tested on lots of people and may not suit everyone. I just thought i`d share it with everyone, you can make up your own minds.

Thanks Michael for sharing your winning expertise on the blog! ^_^ 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Moustaches, Whiskers & Beards, a review

I have the pleasure of reviewing this fab art history book featuring my fav topic outside of Elvis and Beatles: facial fuzz! And lucky you dear reader could be in with a chance to win your own copy ^_^

Movember is done and Decembeard is underway but what if you're just an old fashioned pogonophile like me? Seasonal hurrahs for all things beardy is all well and good, but what about the rest of the year? Well now I can recommend you a lovely coffee table edition to browse in any season...

Moustaches, Whiskers & Beards by Lucinda Hawksley was brought to my attention via a mutual friend of the author who quite rightly imagined I would be very interested in the National Portrait Gallery publication...

Who knew the Egyptians were big fans of the false beard? That the Victorians experienced a serious beard fad? And that the Crimean War turned beards from zero to hero? This is such an entertaining and informative read for beard lovers everywhere - get involved!

For the pogonophile in your life I can think of no better gift - it's delightful and inspiring, I'm off to my local gallery this weekend to spy historical beards ^_^

If you'd like to win* a copy of this lovely book, just complete the following sentence:
Beards are boss because...
and email it to beerdfestliverpool [at] gmail [dot] com by Dec 14th, 2014 and if you're my #favourite you'll have a treat coming your way!

Get your copy at Amazon or order it at your fav local bookshop

*conditions apply, UK entries only

Friday, 7 November 2014

Up close and personal

I know what you've been thinking... Oh it's such a long time before the next BeerdFest how can I cope? Well don't worry! I have cheeky plans to bring you a BeerdFest 2015 calendar to raise more money for CALM that you'll be able to purchase sooooon & I am preparing for the first beard Blind Date (if you wanna get on the list to be set up I'm taking applications at beerdfestliverpool at gmail dot com)

For now then... Let's meet the winners from BeerdFest 2014 - what was their best bit? will they be back for the 2015 #worldbeardday meet?

As a gentle reminder then, ladles and gentlespoons, your winners 2014 were: 
Best Beard// Michael Legge  
Best Partial// Michael Wallage
Best Moustache// Martin Doherty 
Best Fake// Delia Brady Jacobs
Best Beerdfester// Mycroft Milverton 
Beard Worth Talking About// Steve Walsh 
BeerdFest BILF// Dean Palmer

Why did you decide to take part in BeerdFest? 

ML Upon first hearing of 'beerdfest' through the British beard club news letter and social media sites, I thought I'd love to attend! Having been to similar events around the country (scarborough, Brighton, Yeovil etc) I love these events, as a passionate beard grower for nearly 4 years it's nice to get together with people with similar interests for a good old chin wag!

MW Beard competitions are a good excuse for a great day out and to get together with other Beardo`s, to meet new friends and old. Another major attraction of competitions is a chance to raise money and awareness for the nominated charities that most events support. I heard about Beerdfest 2013 via friends on Facebook but unfortunately I was unable to attend, so 2014 was my first Beerdfest. Am I a passionate beard grower? Just look at me ! My house is full to the rafters with potions, lotions, pills and products in order to keep the face fuzz in "purrfect" condition.
MD Knew about Beerdfest since the first one in 2012, didn't go then, but my housemate (Jamie Howie) won Best Moustache. I competed last year and came 2nd, so decided to keep it going in the hope of reclaiming the title back for the house!
DBJ After meeeting up with friends who suggested going to the event...
MM I found out about Beerdfest through meeting Jodie at the guitar shop on Aigburth Road. This was my third year at Beerdfest. I’m a member of British Beard Club, and visited their AGM because I was in Brighton at the time. I’ve had a beard all my adult life. I love them. Beerdfesters share this love, so although we may have little else in common we share this passion.
SW My girlfriend entered me in the previous years event. Epic night of merriment, so was a given I would reattend.  
DP I heard about the event last year and followed the groups page on twitter. I decided to take part because it looked like a fun day out, all for a good cause and a chance to meet fellow beards/beard lovers. I've never been to one of these events before but would certainly go again!

What is your favourite memory from BeerdFest? 

ML This was the second 'beerdfest' I've attended and is a great family fun day out, the kids enjoy coming along and like to cheer their dad on when on stage. I'd like to say I have a favourite part of the day but the whole experience is just amazing, you get to meet old/new faces all with a love of beards. 

MW Obviously for me the highlight of my day was taking the top spot in the partial beard category. That aside, the warm welcome and great atmosphere.

MD Fave memory is being on the catwalk, it's certainly very scary but quite exhilarating afterwards!

DBJ Strutting along the TashWag catwalk to the cheer of the crowd...

MM The only food on offer was saucy burritos. A most inappropriate food for the bearded! It was funny to see those some of those well groomed beards fill up with rice and chilli sauce!

SW Seeing Michael Legge win after he was robbed last year! 
DP Definitely watching everyone's catwalk! Hilarious and all in good spirit.

As a WINNER you received beer and respect - have you noticed any other differences in the way people regard you since your win?

ML I was chuffed to have won first place and was showered in gifts, love and bearded respect, it's great when out and about getting noticed and stopped for pictures, kind of like a mini celebrity! But the real reason for events like this are to raise a little money for charity and the thought of contributing to help others is priceless.

MW With all due respect I`ve not noticed a great difference but that is one of the main attractions of competitive bearding. It makes no difference whether you`re a seasoned competitor or a bearding rookie, all facial hair is valid. In my experience everybody is treated equally.

MD My winning moustache is now about 14 inches wide so for better or worse any close friends or family have long since made their feelings known! But there have been more than a few work colleagues, customers (cinema off Bold St.) and people on the street that have since said congrats, I guess it's such an excellent night each year and word has spread!

DBJ Not really, but all who heard about my win thought the Fake category was a great idea...

MM  I enjoyed some great smelling beard moisturiser from Lush... Respect? What respect? Where’e my respect?!?! I haven’t noticed anybody treating me any differently. The favourable comments on my bristles have continued though.

SW No difference in the way people regard me but it nice to be a part of the larger beard community both nationally and internationally thanks to the British Beard Club membership. 
DP A lot of people on Facebook have been asking me about the event from the photos I have put up. People have since been asking advice on growing a beard.

Will you be coming to defend your title next year on Saturday September 5th? 

ML I will definately be back next year - not only to defend my title, but to meet and greet my bearded family!

MW Yes all being well I will be there to defend the title.  We'll spreading the word about Beerdfest... we`ve already persuaded a couple of new bearded faces to join us on the journey north next year. 

MD Might be back next year, may even try for the nationals! Ok the British Beard Club membership is VERY welcome but kinda scuppers my plans to start a new beard/moustache from scratch... I'm off to the Himalayas this Christmas and was planning to cut the 'tache off on 1st Jan at high camp on Island Peak, then bury it at the top of the glacier... seemed a fitting way for it to go. Now I might just fore-go the difficulty of shaving at 20,000ft in favour of extra upper-lip warmth (and hopefully the amusement of the locals)!

MM I will definitely be coming. In fact I already have an outfit in mind. But I may change my mind on that detail. I’m not sure what category yet. I would love to see the “Freestyle” category come back. Hint!

SW Nothing apart from being struck down with alopecia will stop me!
DP I will have to see! My plan is to go over to New Zealand for a year or two working. I'll be there in spirit!

Michael Legge on the TashWag catwalk// pic Hannah Cassidy

How would you describe BeerdFest in 3 words? 

ML If I had to describe 'beerdfest' in 3 words it would be..........fantastic follicle fun!

MW 3 words, tough one... fantastic follicular festival!

MD Tweaking, staring, Blessed!

DBJ  Too right!!! Already got ideas for my fakey! 

MM Perfectly Pogonophilic Pogonomania!

SW Bewhiskered flocculent frivolity! 
DP Hilarious, Hairy,  Hangover!

Saturday, 25 October 2014


Campaigner Simon Howes met me at the last Liverbeards get together at Baltic Fleet to officially accept my £306 raised for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) at BeerdFest. CALM are a  men's mental health charity raising awareness to try and reduce suicide and #savethemale.

The great thing about beards is they have such potential to bring people together. I love chatting to chaps about the whys and whens of their awesome beards, and because over the years I've papped a lot of stranger's beards in the street I get to hear little stories from all over - and you know what they say - the truth is often stranger than fiction!

One of my fav all time beard shots was a guy John from Birmingham Coach Station... a massive Gandalf-beard he had, then there was a biker dude in Palm Springs, California who I beard-stalked down the strip into a hat shop then popped up with my weird British accent asking for a pic haha beard blogging is fun I tells ya!

Next year BeerdFest returns on World Beard Day September 5th 2015 so save the date and get growing for the show ;)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

BeerdFest 2015

Save the date! World Beard Day 2015 is Saturday September 5th so let's do another BeerdFest 

Plenty of time to grow something epic for the show, make your own 
or just keep it free for spectacular hirsute pursuits! 

Liverpool has embraced the bearded brothers who bring it on the TASHWAG catwalk 
with hundreds of people attending the 2014 meet, 
let's make 2015 bigger and better!!!

Registrations are open at beerdfestliverpool[at]gmail[dot]com 
Simply send us your name and category (beard/ moustache/ partial/ fake) and stay tuned for more news of what/ where/ why and how! 

Monday, 29 September 2014

CALM down it's just £306

So so proud to tell you that BeerdFest raised a STONKING £306 for CALM this year ^_^ Just £22 keeps the CALM helpline team by the phone for an hour waiting to take calls. 

On Saturday September 6th, hundreds of bearded brothers and supportive sisters got together to find out who had the Best Beard and Moustache in Liverpool at BeerdFest 2014. Liverpool's favourite annual Beard and Moustache Contest, offering beer and respect to winners plus a signed picture of patron Brian Blessed, was another hairy success with bearded chaps coming from as far as Brighton to take part.

Thanks especially to my beardfancying compadre Becky Pope from our new Baltic venue Constellations, and all the other judges - Roger Phillips, David Dade and Cutthroat Pete - for giving up their time and expert opinions...
Much thanks to the tech team Tom, DJ Richie Vegas and pappers Dave Walker, Hannah Cassidy, Kayley Cope, Jim Moody, Dave Colbran, Adrian Wharton and Gary Phillips ensuring we have awesome pics and a mini movie to go with our happy memories... And thanks muchly to my musical pals Joe Kelly, Simon McKelvie, Neildsy, Me and Deboe, Derek King, Kyle Lee, Darren Eedens and Liz Owen who all showed up to share their many talented energies to make the festival the best ever - onwards and upwards to 2015 now!

Local 'thatch' of The British Beard Club the 'Liverbeards', set up after meeting like-minded souls at the original BeerdFest in 2012. Liverbeard co-creator, Drew Johnson is a fan of the contest: "It's such a great night. There's a lot of love in the room for all things bearded and it's a great opportunity to meet new friends." The Liverbeards next meet is Tuesday September 30th at Baltic Fleet pub from 7pm if you'd like to come and join us for a celebratory drink.

BeerdFest is proud to support men's mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). Campaigner Simon Howes says: "With suicide now the biggest killer of men under 50 in this country, it is brilliant to see such a great partnership between BeerdFest and CALM continuing.  Every year it gets bigger and better, much like some of the beards that enter, and we're thrilled to be able to work with such a great bunch of men and women who love their beards and care about men's wellbeing."

Jodie has produced a beard blog since attending the World Beard & Moustache Championships in 2007.  
The next Beerdfest will be on World Beard Day Saturday September 5th 2015. So you better get growing for the show now, y'hear! 

Send all your enquiries to beerdfestliverpool at gmail dot com

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

BeerdFest: The Movie

So glad that Gary Phillips came along to enjoy BeerdFest, he made us this ace little promotional video so we can enjoy some highlights at leisure! Coming soon, CALM proceeds raised and interviews with all our winners ^_^

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


BeerdFest 2014 Best Beard winner Michael Legge refuses to be a #mandown
BeerdFest is proud to support men's mental health charity CALM and here to prove the point are a few of our World Beard Day BeerdFesters proving it's tough to be miserable with a badass beard!

The Man Down campaign is all about raising awareness of the fact that suicide is now the biggest killer of men under 50.  It’s about encouraging men to recognise when they are finding life difficult and talk to someone, rather than reach a point of crisis, and it’s about encouraging us all to look out for our mates…
BeerdFest contestant Nick Ballam refuses to be a #mandown

Help CALM have a big impact on Wednesday September 10th by backing the campaign, find and print off your sign using the link below, take a selfie and share it on your networks, including #ManDown & #WSPD14
Former BeerdFest champ Michael O'Brien refuses to be a #mandown
The fairer sex can get involved too - there's a poster for girlfriends, wives, partners, mums etc ^_^  For more information on the #mandown campaign visit

Liverpool musician Joe Kelly refuses to be a #mandown

And remember a beard is for life, not just for BeerdFest ;) To join the mailing list email beerdfestliverpool at and we'll keep you informed of any upcoming bearded fun and games in Liverpool.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Fuzzfest Success

Thanks to everyone who helped, competed and attended BeerdFest for World Beard Day 2014!

Pictured is our winner of Best Beard Michael Legge who travelled all the way across from Rotherham, Yorkshire to take away the most coveted award of the evening, and deservedly so ^_^

Other winners were: Martin Doherty from Crosby for Best Moustache, Michael Wallage from Derbyshire for Best Partial Beard, Delia Brady-Jacobs from Liverpool for Best Fake, Steve Walsh from Liverpool for Beard Worth Talking About, Dean Palmer from Wallasey for Baltic BILF and Mycroft Milverton from Liverpool for Best BeerdFester - phew! that's a whole lotta catwalks!

Thanks especially to my beardfancying compadre Becky Pope from Constellations and all the other judges - Roger Phillips, David Dade and Cutthroat Pete - for giving up their time...
Much thanks to the tech Tom, DJ Richie Vegas and pappers Hannah Cassidy, Kayley Cope, Jim Moody, Dave Colbran, Adrian Wharton, Gary Phillips and Dave Walker ensuring we have awesome pics to go with our happy memories this weekend...
And thanks muchly to my musical pals Joe Kelly, Neildsy, Me and Deboe, Derek King, Kyle Lee, Darren Eedens - who just about made it travelled up from sunny Wales - and Liz Owen who all showed up to share their many talented energies to make the festival the best ever - onwards and upwards to 2015 now ^_^

I'll keep sharing pics from the big day as I get through them and update how much we raised for CALM as soon as we know...

If you're in Liverpool or surrounding areas, do join me for a recovery beer with the Liverbeards in the Baltic Fleet Tuesday September 30th from 7pm

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A winner's perspective...

We caught up with last year's winners Mycroft (Freestyle champ) and Dave (Partial champ)...

What did you most enjoy about taking part?

Mycroft: I enjoy the whimsy of it. Celebrating something everyday and mundane in a reverential fashion. I love that the beard has the power to bring together and unite people from all walks of life and interests.

Dave: Simply being part of a warm, friendly gathering and meeting new and interesting folk, topped off by a message from a true legend. Seriously, how many people have ever chinned a polar bear in their tent?

Brian Blessed returns this year as patron for the contest & has sent us goodies for the winners! - Ed.

What are your winning tips?

Mycroft: There's a lot of astounding beards in the contest. Character is essential. Be impressive, be memorable!

Dave: Revel in Your eccentricity! 

Will you be returning this year to defend your title?

Mycroft: Yes I will. The contest is getting tougher every year though. Of course I would love to win a hat trick but I'm facing some rather bristling competition this year.

Dave: I hope to defend my title this time round, it would be nice to win but it's not just about that eh?

Who is your beard-spiration?

Mycroft: Grizzly Adams, Yoffy and my dad!

Dave: My friend Mark Wainy Wain and the wonderful Brian Blessed!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

BeerdFest Guide

Coming to BeerdFest this Saturday September 6th at Constellations Liverpool on #worldbeardday? Here's what you need to know about how the day works whether you're taking part in the beard and moustache contest or simply in the crowd helping beards win points & enjoying a good mingle!

Thank you for your interest in BeerdFest 2014.  Your commitment to beards and general awesomeness is noted. BeerdFest is honoured you have chosen to give up your free time to support our hirsute pursuits. The purpose of this event is to increase positive vibes for awesome beards in our community, support men’s mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and to have fun. 

Our event begins at 3pm with a beard grooming masterclass from our judge Cutthroat Pete, then at 4pm beard making and facepainting then 5pm don't miss out on pre-contest pampering for all from Lush Spa Liverpool

3-6pm there's also live acoustic music from awesomely talented BeerdFest friends together with a beard-friendly marketplace featuring soaps, oils, balms and other treats. 

Contesting in the four main categories begins at 7pm and the winners will be announced at 10pm. 

Winners receive a goody bag including prizes from Brian Blessed, Pistonhead Lager, The British Beard Club, Independent Liverpool, Rennies Arts & Crafts and other beardy treats. And respect, of coursicles ;) 

We ask that competitors arrive by 5pm to register and mingle, with 6pm the deadline for contestant registrations. 

If you're coming to enjoy the show, tis up to you when you arrive but the earlier the better as it will offer you the opportunity to see all the competitors up close before official proceedings and hopefully make new friends.

The Process
Each contestant gets their ‘moment in the sun’ on the TashWag Catwalk. They take to the stage and present themselves first to the judges, then to the crowd. 
Contestants will then wait on stage in a line-up until all contestants have presented themselves.
This process is repeated for each category. 
The winner and 2 runner up places for each category are announced at the end of the contest.

Note: In the event of a tie-break the TashWag has the deciding vote.


Judges will be voting on:
Length                                   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Density                                 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Presentation (ie. effort, awesomeness, style)
                                                1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Shape/ Creativity              1 2 3 4 5
Crowd Response               1 2 3 4 5

Fake contestants have a slightly different score card:

Creativity                             1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Presentation (ie. effort, awesomeness, style)
                                                1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Daring                                   1 2 3 4 5
Crowd Response               1 2 3 4 5 

Length shows a commitment to the competitor’s partial facial hair. Sideburns, goatees, mutton chops etc can all be creatively decorated to be rewarded in extra points.

Moustache hair is the slowest growing facial hair so length shows further commitment than in other categories. No additional facial hair is permitted on the jaw or lower lip.

These fakers create their own beard or moustache from any material. It can be real hair, pinecones, roses, popcorn or whatever the heart desires. The winning fake should be a work of art and something to be admired.

Growing a full natural beard is a testament to patience, good genetics, and good maintenance. Many beards hit capacity length where they can’t grow beyond a certain point because of breakage. Length should be highly regarded, but so should colour, density, and general awesomeness of the beard. No styling products allowed.

Special Award from Roger Philips:
Beard Worth Talking About
This should be one of the most fun categories. Open to both official contestants and audience members. This winner should have the most interesting beard, real or otherwise. Creativity is the key with this freestyle category and anything goes. Styling products and props are allowed.
There are no runners up in this category.

Other awards on the night include:
Best BeerdFester – awarded by the TashWag

Baltic BILF – awarded by the TashWag 
Beard Blind Date - if you want a beardy blind date, sign up when you arrive and the TashWag will endeavour to hook you up! 

Constellations is 35-39 Greenland St, Liverpool off Jamaica St in the Baltic Triangle, its free to participate and just £3 entry otherwise, raising cash for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

beards are boss

There has been much talk of beards being merely a hipster trend, something that will be cast aside as soon as the next cool-because-it-isn't-cool comes around (see nerd glasses and tweed for details).

Except the difference between beards and trendy accessories is each one is unique. Sure, your beard-spiration might be David Beckham's musketeer look, or Tim Howard's World Cup effort, or even Cali-sensation Incredibeard, but still what grows out of your own face is just that, your very own.

The thing that nobody wants to talk about is who is behind the hating on beards. Aside from the obvious dip in razor sales and a few female dissenters, beard envy has more to answer for than you think. Over and over again I hear stories from men with jobs that no reasonable reason would prevent them from growing their beard as long as they wish. Almost always the reason they are forced to shave or keep a short beard is a man who can't grow his own.

Emasculation ladies and gentlemen. I don't wish to force beards on those who don't wish to grow them, but surely it is every man's right to grow one if he so chooses? And just because you don't like them or can't grow one yourself should not give you carte blanche to take away the joy of beards from all others!

Beards in music often represent a moment of freedom, the time when an artist can be unshackled from a more commercial clean cut image. The Beatles gave good beard once they threw off their boyband look and more recently Jared Leto left being a chiselled chin for Hollywood for rock and roll beardy times.

So don't listen to the nay-sayers, beards are boss. Sure it might not be for you, but at least give it a try, YOLO style and free your follicles! Certainly make sure to congratulate a man with a fine beard when you see one, for such a thing requires patience, commitment and creativity.
BeerdFest, Liverpool's beard and moustache contest is on Saturday 6th (#WorldBeardDay) at Constellations from 3pm til late. Beards, beer and music - what's not to love? #beardsareboss

Monday, 25 August 2014

BeerdFest: The Musicmakers

BeerdFest is made up of my three favourite things: beards, beer and music! This time around we've got a fantastic acoustic afternoon of musics to accompany the beard making and grooming workshops pre-contest at our home this year Constellations...

Join us from 3pm and hear the delights of my good self aka SheBeat, K'sChoice hisself Derek King, Chester's dynamic duo Me and Deboe, the one and only Neildsy, a bearded Kyle Lee & the mexican walking fish, all the way from Canada eh? Darren Eedens & his fine moustache, and Liverpool's sexiest blues man Joe Kelly ^_^

Followed by at 7pm the only beard contest in town hosted by moi - the tashwag - and starring the best facial hair in town ya'll ^_^ Did you register yet? Or will you be a winner BeerdFester?  This year we'll be giving prizes out to not only Best Beard Moustache Partial and Fake, but also for Best BeerdFester, Baltic BILF and Beard Worth Talking About !

With Saturday Sept 6th less than 2 weeks away now, I can't wait! Hope to see you all there, bearded or otherwise xo

Monday, 11 August 2014

What is a BeerdFest?

Beards, beer and music that's what! ;)

On September 6th hundreds of bearded brothers and supportive sisters will get together to find out who has the Best Beard and Moustache in Liverpool at BeerdFest 2014

Liverpool's favourite Beard and Moustache Contest is back for a third time, at Liverpool's newest event space Constellations offering beer and respect to winners, register NOW to take part!

CATEGORIES this year are:
Best Beard
Best Moustache
Best Partial Beard
Best Fake (Beard, Moustache or Partial)

To enter the contest all you need to do is email your category of choice to beerdfestliverpool @

This year we'll have even more special awards on the night for both contestants AND audience members including Beard Worth Talking About, BALTIC BILF and Best BeerdFester ^_^

The contest in September is FREE to take part, and just £3 to attend. BeerdFest was dreamed up in 2012 and I'm proper thrilled with the popularity of the festival. This time around, Brian Blessed is back with some treats for festival goers, BBC Merseyside's bearded phone-in king Roger Phillips is joining our panel of judges, as too will the President of The British Beard Club, David Dade. The hirsute pursuit is strong in Liverpool - and beyond - and we're proud to celebrate the most creative and stylish out there!

And it's not just for boys, the Best Fake award (for ladies and babyfaces) is hotly contested, very creative and most entertaining! Reigning champ Claire 'Fur' Freeman has announced her plan to return: "Don't know what I can do to beat last year, but I'm hoping for to defend my title."

Prizes this year will include goodies from Swedish beer outfit Pistonhead Lager, Liverbeards, bearded barber to the stars CutThroat Pete, The British Beard Club, Independent Liverpool, Rennies Gallery and Moose Coffee.

BeerdFest is proud to support men's mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) for the second year running. Campaigner Simon Howes says: "With suicide now the biggest killer of men under 50 in this country, it is brilliant to see such a great partnership between BeerdFest and CALM continuing. Every year it gets bigger and better, much like some of the beards that enter, and we're thrilled to be able to work with such a great bunch of men and women who love their beards and care about men's wellbeing."

So that's whay it is and with live music and ace peoples - what's not to love? See you there! xo

Sunday, 10 August 2014

MEET the judges... ^_^

Roger Philips - BBC Radio Merseyside's bearded phone in king! 
Becky Pope - beard enthusiast & Constellations woman who can!
David Dade - only El Presidente of The British Beard Club!
Cut Throat Pete - bearded barber to the stars!

BeerdFest asked: Why are you involved with BeerdFest?

Roger: Because it’s such a quirky idea

Pete: I am a passionate barber/beard groomer. I have a strong interest in beards and like to help out with events that happen in my city as much as possible.

David: The British Beard Club was founded in 2008 to celebrate and support all bearded men of these islands and indeed the world. I feel that every man should grow out his beard at least once in his life, and BeerdFest is a wonderful way for bearded men and their admirers to get together, make friends, show off and celebrate their beards!

Becky: It's a welcome excuse to spark up conversation with handsome bearded strangers  in the street... but my biggest  inspiration was my Grandad and his true airforce whiskers. He was my hero and the influence behind Constellations too, so it's an honour to hold BeerdFest this year.

What do you think makes a winning contestant? 

Becky: For me it's all about the beard pride.

Pete: A winning contestant needs to have a well groomed beard, full coverage, a good symmetric shape.

David: It's all about presentation. One man's admirable beard can be very different to another, so it's the style of the whole package that the judges look for in each category. Beard Competitions are great fun to take part in as well, and not to be taken too seriously, so it's the "taking part" and the camaraderie of the beard brotherhood that makes Beerdfest a great event.

Roger: The most unusual, imaginative and/ or decorative beard or moustache

Favourite well known beard?
Pete: Ricki Hall is pretty famous now i guess... He brought the beard into the mainstream and inspired a lot of guys to grow. Zach Galifianakis has a pretty famous beard too, his is a good strong beard...

David: I have many favourite beards among our members, non-members and celebrities, so there are simply too many great beards around to pick out just one as a favourite!

Roger: Has to be Brian Blessed’s!

Becky: Captain Birdseye

What are you most looking fwd to on Sept6?

Pete: To seeing some great beards on display, it will be interesting to see how many women have beards too ^_^ oh, and a few beers... Can't have a Beerdfest and not enjoy a beer ;)

David: To meeting both old and new bearded faces and their admirers. It's a great opportunity to make new friends and maybe gather some new members to The British Beard Club and our wonderfully successful thatch, The Liverbeards.

Roger: The beer of course!

Becky: The turnout and atmosphere at last year’s show was incredible and I cant wait for round 3!

See you at Constellations, Saturday September 6th ^_^ #beardsareboss

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Grow For The Show

BEERDFEST is back for 2014... Bigger and better than before and hurtling towards us at a rate of, wait what do you measure beards by? This analogy is cancelled... but FEAR NOT, September 6 a gathering of bearded ones and their friends and fans will occur at brand new event space Constellations on Greenland Street, Liverpool...

More news on this year's categories, judges and prizes to follow... meanwhile better get growing boys, like the man said "you don't have to be great to start but you need to start to be great"...  BEERDFEST winners are grown not born!

Support your favourite bearded fun on Twitter @BeerdfestLpool and

Monday, 2 June 2014

Where's Wally?

This is Wally (just don't use his Sunday name) of Melbourne, Australia who brought his fine beard to Liverpool for the Soundcity music festival a few weeks ago... 
Not oft does a beard stop me in my mostly determined tracks, but I knew I had to befriend this gentleman! 
Wally manages an Aussie rock outfit by the name of Money For Rope and is a music maker himself. Dude.

Friday, 28 March 2014

upside down beardings

This is Mark of lovely Liverpool being creative with his facial fuzz... He missed out at last year's Beerdfest but promises to make a big impression on the judges come September this year... It's exactly this sort of creativity that will win you prizes (and much respect) at my beard and moustache fest, especially in the Freestyle category... Must mention that Mark sent a friend to compete - not in his place, but to 'represent' as the yoof say... and his pal walked off with Best partial so clearly it's his destiny to be a winner himself... we will find out in September!

If you have a picture in this genre do share with us here or on our Facebook page... and we're on Twitter too @beerdfestlpool

In other fest news - a group of bearded gents contacted me from across the Irish Sea, said they want to make our contest their first overseas trip! I am honoured and encourage all beards from the world beyond our Scouse borders to come, drink and be bearded with us ^_^