Sunday, 19 August 2012


Out and about in Liverpool 8 I drove past this fine looking and was immediately struck by the fine facial work on display! So much so I turned my car around and parked up a few yards ahead of him... Poor fella! Can you imagine seeing a car park up and a stranger (me) bound out towards you? 
This is Malcolm. He is a retired Oceanographer. He first grew his beard when working in the South Atlantic, purely as a face warmer! He used to take the temperature of the sea, what an interesting job! I think he would defo be a contender for my inaugural Liverpool Beard and Tash Contest*! 

*okay I'm thinking in December of running a Liverpool Beard and Tash Contest, it will be fabulous, I hope you will support me fellow beard lovers! ;)  

Beardy Friend

Hello bearded friend! 
This is Carl and he is a music man with a fine ginger beard! I've known Carl since about 2006 and he has always had some kind of facial fur. He is DFL (Down For Life). I think I may invite him to be a judge at my upcoming inaugural Liverpool Beard and Tash Contest (more on this later...) 

Biennial Beard

This is Chris. He is an art-loving chap I met while volunteering for Liverpool Biennial last week. He has had this particular brand of facial fancy since 2007 and gets lots of admiration for it. Especially on buses! He says he spies people taking surreptitious pics of it all the time when out and about!