Sunday, 19 August 2012


Out and about in Liverpool 8 I drove past this fine looking and was immediately struck by the fine facial work on display! So much so I turned my car around and parked up a few yards ahead of him... Poor fella! Can you imagine seeing a car park up and a stranger (me) bound out towards you? 
This is Malcolm. He is a retired Oceanographer. He first grew his beard when working in the South Atlantic, purely as a face warmer! He used to take the temperature of the sea, what an interesting job! I think he would defo be a contender for my inaugural Liverpool Beard and Tash Contest*! 

*okay I'm thinking in December of running a Liverpool Beard and Tash Contest, it will be fabulous, I hope you will support me fellow beard lovers! ;)  

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Mycroft Milverton said...

Aha! Malcolm! Splendid Chap!
I met him the other night, I showed him my sailor knots!