Sunday, 21 October 2012

Black Magic Moustache (&Beard)

This is Kyle. 
He is in a band called Black Magician. His facial adventures started 5 years ago. He wasn't actually sure but his lovely ladyfriend Jill had the stats to hand! 

Great work here, hope he can come to Beerdfest2012!!! 

Hope Street Sidies

This is Nick. 
He has his sideburns off and on and grew them special for his appearance at Hope St Feast back in September. The thing about a good set of sidies is some guys can REALLY pull them off and I think Nick is working them good... another hopeful for the Beerdfest2012 me thinketh ;) 

Not From Around Here

This is Stephen. 
He is from London and was visiting Liverpool with his wife. 
He has had a full-on beard since 1976!!! You heard me, 1976 this mammoth facial creation has been with us, amazingness yes? 

Riot Beard

This is James and he plays drums in The Buffalo Riot... tres rock beard style going on here, had it for around 6 months he says... wonder if he'll fancy entering my Beerdfest2012 I'll be launching very soon... watch this space boys! 

Bassman Beard

Space bassman Phil here popped into my office recently for a live session and I just had to pap this splendidly creative facial fluff! Can't imagine it's very practical having that long dangling bit in your dinner/ tea/ whatever! So extra points for style over practicality! 

Don't Listen To The Man

This is James. 

He has been a proud beard wearer for many years but this was a shorter version due to his Manchester employer insisting that he cut it. 

So he cut it down reluctantly. Only to be told that it's still too big! 

It's beardism plain and simples! It's not right that people can be so anti-beard and get away with it!

How is this beard stopping James from doing his job?! 

Of course it doesn't. I said I bet his boss was just jealous. 

Beard Envy is alive and well I reckon!

Barry Season

This is Barry. 

I met him while listening to some Amazing Kappa at Heebies on a Sunday arvo recently. 

He has had this marvellous moustache for about 2 years and while shy about sharing gave in for a quick snap (me being so persuasive etc)