Saturday, 1 December 2012


After a month of trying to spread the word of Liverpool's first beard and moustache contest we are now just THREE SLEEPS away! omg!

On Tuesday 4th at Camp and Furnace (Greenland Street just off Jamaica Street) from 6pm come along to see who will be our first No1 beard tash sidies or fake! WIN BEER and RESPECT! haha ;) should take you to the Facebook Like page

on Twitter we are

and EVERYONE is welcome to come along and enjoy the show - you won't be forced to compete! haha (well unless I'm convinced you're a real contender!!)

I'm actually most looking forward to the Best Fake category - it could be the most creative!

what started off as something a little silly* for me and my friends has really snowballed and hundreds of hairys and hairy enthusiasts are expected to come along - don't be late!

Doors open at 6, local lovely hairy rockers Mervin Gersh  will be on from 7 and contesting starts at 7.30

hope to see you there!

*alright it's VERY silly hehe ;)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Black Magic Moustache (&Beard)

This is Kyle. 
He is in a band called Black Magician. His facial adventures started 5 years ago. He wasn't actually sure but his lovely ladyfriend Jill had the stats to hand! 

Great work here, hope he can come to Beerdfest2012!!! 

Hope Street Sidies

This is Nick. 
He has his sideburns off and on and grew them special for his appearance at Hope St Feast back in September. The thing about a good set of sidies is some guys can REALLY pull them off and I think Nick is working them good... another hopeful for the Beerdfest2012 me thinketh ;) 

Not From Around Here

This is Stephen. 
He is from London and was visiting Liverpool with his wife. 
He has had a full-on beard since 1976!!! You heard me, 1976 this mammoth facial creation has been with us, amazingness yes? 

Riot Beard

This is James and he plays drums in The Buffalo Riot... tres rock beard style going on here, had it for around 6 months he says... wonder if he'll fancy entering my Beerdfest2012 I'll be launching very soon... watch this space boys! 

Bassman Beard

Space bassman Phil here popped into my office recently for a live session and I just had to pap this splendidly creative facial fluff! Can't imagine it's very practical having that long dangling bit in your dinner/ tea/ whatever! So extra points for style over practicality! 

Don't Listen To The Man

This is James. 

He has been a proud beard wearer for many years but this was a shorter version due to his Manchester employer insisting that he cut it. 

So he cut it down reluctantly. Only to be told that it's still too big! 

It's beardism plain and simples! It's not right that people can be so anti-beard and get away with it!

How is this beard stopping James from doing his job?! 

Of course it doesn't. I said I bet his boss was just jealous. 

Beard Envy is alive and well I reckon!

Barry Season

This is Barry. 

I met him while listening to some Amazing Kappa at Heebies on a Sunday arvo recently. 

He has had this marvellous moustache for about 2 years and while shy about sharing gave in for a quick snap (me being so persuasive etc) 

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Out and about in Liverpool 8 I drove past this fine looking and was immediately struck by the fine facial work on display! So much so I turned my car around and parked up a few yards ahead of him... Poor fella! Can you imagine seeing a car park up and a stranger (me) bound out towards you? 
This is Malcolm. He is a retired Oceanographer. He first grew his beard when working in the South Atlantic, purely as a face warmer! He used to take the temperature of the sea, what an interesting job! I think he would defo be a contender for my inaugural Liverpool Beard and Tash Contest*! 

*okay I'm thinking in December of running a Liverpool Beard and Tash Contest, it will be fabulous, I hope you will support me fellow beard lovers! ;)  

Beardy Friend

Hello bearded friend! 
This is Carl and he is a music man with a fine ginger beard! I've known Carl since about 2006 and he has always had some kind of facial fur. He is DFL (Down For Life). I think I may invite him to be a judge at my upcoming inaugural Liverpool Beard and Tash Contest (more on this later...) 

Biennial Beard

This is Chris. He is an art-loving chap I met while volunteering for Liverpool Biennial last week. He has had this particular brand of facial fancy since 2007 and gets lots of admiration for it. Especially on buses! He says he spies people taking surreptitious pics of it all the time when out and about! 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

"You make me wanna get old"

This is Chris and his fine ginger beard in San Diego! He is a doorman at Star Bar just off 4th Street in the Gas Quarter... He let me take is pic for my beard blog and when he asked me my age for my upcoming birthday he gave me the funniest compliment (at least I think it was a compliment) "You make me wanna get old!" haha thanks? ;)

Monday, 25 June 2012

fishermen grow beards too

this is Frank he's in Santa Barbara and runs a bait & tackle store on the pier there... I originally said hello cos he had a lovely lady inked on his arm but having snapped him for my holiday momentos I thought heck - that's a beard right there! do say hello to him if you're ever passing by, very nice friendly fisherman type :)

growing for the show

This is team LA beard and tash champs... I bumped into them at the LA Roller Derby and was MUCH saddened to hear I would miss the Annual champs by only a couple of days #sadtimes
but at least I got to check out their hard work and get some snaps #winning

Hold the pancakes!

Just as I sat down to enjoy my Palm Springs pancakes & syrup at Ruby's Diner on my recent jaunt to California* THIS guy walked past the front window! Hold my breakfast I HAVE to have this beard for my blog... I saw him look like he headed into the shop next door so I wandered casually in but he wasn't there... then the shop next door to that was a hat shop where he was looking for some sun protection and I stalked the poor fella casually until I faked a bump into in the central aisle! Hello! I abused the English charm to the max, what a lovely beard etc ;) Sam was happy to tell me it took 8 years to grow and that the local gals didn't much dig facial hair - I told him get thee to Europe my friend! Amazing start to my Californian beards fest... !

*promise I'm NOT name dropping too much ;) 

sketchy beard

This is another surprise art beard I stumbled upon in an art gallery in San Diego, I did write down the name of the artist but I can't find it - still unpacking and digesting my trip so when I find it I'll add it... meantime what a great sketch featuring a beard! :)

on the tracks

On a train to Birmingham recently I met this chap collecting tickets, the thing with this friendly looking facial is, he had more tucked away!this was work style... that tash corner is folded in on itself! I wish I coulda got a shot of it 'untucked' but I know it would be fabulous...

got wood

In Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery upstairs, turn right then a couple of lefts you'll find this guy! Love to come across a surprise beard especially one as crafted as this one :D


This was a creative looking facial that I happened upon during Sound City in May in Liverpool... We didn't get many deets on this one but always glad to se creative adventures in facial hair!


Apols for the delay since my last beard post! I had a technical hitch that is Google updated the way the site works in a way that my usual upload PC couldn't handle AT ALL... so with convenience out the window I stalled a little, but dear reader, I still was out & about cataloguing proper good beards and facials for you to share at some point.. and now that time has come! haha This is Gandalf! Well not really, but his girlfriend has a Gandalf thing and won't let John from Bristol cut tthis four year epic beard off! I'm so glad when a stranger allows me to share their beard on here, I bumped into John at Birmingham Coach Station and HAD to have a picture! #mybeardadventures

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Inked Beard

This is Adam. This week he was the man who gave me my first ever tattoo! #kudos haha I guess as soon as I saw the beard I knew I was in safe hands ;) He has been tattooing people for 7 years, and did a beautiful job on my own work of art (courtesy of Todd White no less!) Thanks Adam <3

Beard Art

I met Bryce last weekend, he is the manager of my fav artist Todd White who had a Liverpool exhibition  at Rennie's Bold Street (thanks so much Stephen for inviting me!) He told me a great story about his tres chic LA beard... he grows a beard every year between Thanksgiving and New Year, then this year when he shaved it off his ittle girl demanded he grow it back, she said you look so manly with your beard and now you look like a boy! haha Me and that little girl would get along just swell! So he promised to grow it back for his Europe trip and she COUNTED DOWN THE DAYS! What a class act she is! Great beard story! I recommended he keep it on, and he said he may since they're sort of hip in LA right now haha

Best Beard

I was at the inaugural GIT Awards last weekend...
This is John with this fabulous beard and tumbling long rock hair to match! 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

bouncer beard

This is Bob the Bouncer at a fav nightclub of mine in Manchester... He was very nice about my featuring his beard on my blog and didn't bounce me for 'hairy hassling' haha He said he'd had his beard so long he couldn't recall not having it & that he keeps things interesting with more or less in the cheek area from time to time... !

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mello Beard

This is Rob he works at Mello Mello - a lovely arts cafe in Liverpool on Parr Street I was at for their Free Rock and Roll Festival this Bank Holiday weekend... WOW! what a red beard/ hair combo! If you're a regular to my beard blog (and why wouldn't you be?! haha) you'll know red is best in my beard book... I am quite swoony over this one ^_^

Tribute Beard

Ben Jones and Sam Jones are in an awesome rock covers band called The Lowtones. I saw them play at a pub in New Brighton over the Bank Holiday weekend and recruited the hairy chinned brothers for my beard blog! :D ace rock and new beards - tis a win:win!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Beer Garden Whiskers

During my inaugural visit to Ye Cracke's Beer Garden I met this cheeky chappy, Mark is his name if you see out & about... He has been grooming this very cheerful facial combo for just 4 months! Impressive! I told him he should enter for team UK when the next World Beard & Moustache Champs rolls around and he said he'd seen some of that action on ITV4's Whisker Wars... which sadly I'm yet to catch... But it is SOO on my list of things to see!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Retro Beards

Out at Retro Bar in Mancunia on Saturday night I met Andy (above) and Dan (below) with fabulous beards both :) Dan says his is going this week :( So it's for the best we recorded it!

Enjoy Team Beard!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Northern Beard

In the marvellous city of Manchester up in the Northern Quarter you'll find this beard (Andy) working at Trof... it's been a 5 year effort and frankly a worthwhile one! What a fine beard served me my Sunday Brunch this last weekend... thanks for sharing Andy :))

why do i love beards?

i thought it was only after bearing witness to the fabulous 2007 World Beard and Moustache Championship that my beardy love was born but in fact in 1983 my dad sported this fine gingery beard! :D and what fabulous evidence is this??? NOW we can all see why I love beards! ;)

Monday, 13 February 2012

musical beards

this weekend I treated my ears to Threshold Festival in Liverpool... I cannot tell you exactly how many beards I spotted in all - just too many! but I pinned this couple of muso types (Ronan and Sam to be specific about it) for a double beardy pictorial... they later performed a sterling set at a freezing cold New Picket in their band*, which I'd plug but is yet to be officially titled! But search for Ronan Boyle Music and you'll find them :)

*I must mention that they have a non-beardy member called Anthony but what he lacks in beard he makes up for with proper rock hair ;)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

swedish beard

Like most stylish girls I know, I <3 IKEA... I popped in this week for curtains* and came away with a nice big mug for work, pretty glass mugs for home, a lampshade and... curtains! I also had the lovely unexpected treat of a fresh beard for my blog! Thanks Tom :D

*and oh how lovely they look up in my flat!

brother beard

A fine looking red facial foliage today from my friend James,

looking good dear! ;)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

fresh crop

This is Mark. He has his beard in a wee beardy ponytail (that doesn't feel like the right word and yet there it is...) to 'protect people from the beard' but I asked if I could see the beard in its full glory and he obliged kindly... but not after him and his pal did a little bit of fluffing and preening to try and get rid of the wrinkle caused by the beard-band...
This entry has to be my best beard blog experience so far.. not only did I get beard fluffing but Mark's friend asked me why I beard blog.. a fair enough question..
And let me tell you too... I went along to the 2007 World Beard & Moustache Championships in Brighton and had such a great day I started taking pics of lovely beards while out and about purely for my own enjoyment... my friends got wind and said really I should share my beardy pics.. and so this blog was born... I didn't really take much notice of it for a while there but now it's my favourite pastime for 2012! #whoknew as they might say on Twitter ;)

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

celebrity beard!

2012 as a year of beards is going very well! Today Young Matt Cardle popped into the studios and I papped his beard - if I tell enough chaps that beards are ace perhaps word will spread and there'll be lots more lovely beards for me enjoy :D #winning

Monday, 30 January 2012

dapper duo

This is Mark and Louise.. I met them while showing my friend-from-out-of-town the delights of Liverpool One.. I asked them how come they were looking so smart on a Saturday afternoon and they said they just go about vintage stylee! Top marks! And frankly I can only encourage others to join the vintage revolution... check out Mark's tash! #Amazeballs!

Friday, 13 January 2012

hair today gone next week

this beard is going next week so Mike told me last night at The Cavern in Liverpool... we should throw it a going away party, tis a fine looking effort!

Monday, 9 January 2012

fresh beard

this beardy chap is John. Like so many brilliant ideas before it he says this 2 pronged twisty beard came about while drunk and a friend styled it for him!


this is my aussie pal Kent rocking a smart muso beard - i think beard in action is a new exciting direction for my beard blog! ha ;)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


now that i have been studying beards for some time i must admit i do find a red beard most fetching... this one is a work in progress i believe, hopefully we can get an updated pic later in the year!

chops for chrimbo

this is a hairy gent i met on christmas eve sporting some fabulous sideburns whish he says saves on razors hehe #porkchops

rock beards are best

this is Ian - he loves his rock and i loves his beard! :D #winning

girls can join in too

i think this was something to do with Movember... and perhaps the high volume of beards I'm seeing out and about at the moment is down to Decembeard which followed for some... whatever i loved muchly this gal's sporting attempts to join in :)

i like beards: deal with it

i went to a new comics night in Brum and met this jolly funny fellow called Jim... he has a fine beard and I told him so! what i don't understand is why these guys think i'm joking - embrace your facial hair men and don't dilly dally with wimmin who don't like them! they are not proper wimmin! lol ;)