Monday, 25 June 2012

Hold the pancakes!

Just as I sat down to enjoy my Palm Springs pancakes & syrup at Ruby's Diner on my recent jaunt to California* THIS guy walked past the front window! Hold my breakfast I HAVE to have this beard for my blog... I saw him look like he headed into the shop next door so I wandered casually in but he wasn't there... then the shop next door to that was a hat shop where he was looking for some sun protection and I stalked the poor fella casually until I faked a bump into in the central aisle! Hello! I abused the English charm to the max, what a lovely beard etc ;) Sam was happy to tell me it took 8 years to grow and that the local gals didn't much dig facial hair - I told him get thee to Europe my friend! Amazing start to my Californian beards fest... !

*promise I'm NOT name dropping too much ;) 

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