Sunday, 31 August 2014

beards are boss

There has been much talk of beards being merely a hipster trend, something that will be cast aside as soon as the next cool-because-it-isn't-cool comes around (see nerd glasses and tweed for details).

Except the difference between beards and trendy accessories is each one is unique. Sure, your beard-spiration might be David Beckham's musketeer look, or Tim Howard's World Cup effort, or even Cali-sensation Incredibeard, but still what grows out of your own face is just that, your very own.

The thing that nobody wants to talk about is who is behind the hating on beards. Aside from the obvious dip in razor sales and a few female dissenters, beard envy has more to answer for than you think. Over and over again I hear stories from men with jobs that no reasonable reason would prevent them from growing their beard as long as they wish. Almost always the reason they are forced to shave or keep a short beard is a man who can't grow his own.

Emasculation ladies and gentlemen. I don't wish to force beards on those who don't wish to grow them, but surely it is every man's right to grow one if he so chooses? And just because you don't like them or can't grow one yourself should not give you carte blanche to take away the joy of beards from all others!

Beards in music often represent a moment of freedom, the time when an artist can be unshackled from a more commercial clean cut image. The Beatles gave good beard once they threw off their boyband look and more recently Jared Leto left being a chiselled chin for Hollywood for rock and roll beardy times.

So don't listen to the nay-sayers, beards are boss. Sure it might not be for you, but at least give it a try, YOLO style and free your follicles! Certainly make sure to congratulate a man with a fine beard when you see one, for such a thing requires patience, commitment and creativity.
BeerdFest, Liverpool's beard and moustache contest is on Saturday 6th (#WorldBeardDay) at Constellations from 3pm til late. Beards, beer and music - what's not to love? #beardsareboss

Monday, 25 August 2014

BeerdFest: The Musicmakers

BeerdFest is made up of my three favourite things: beards, beer and music! This time around we've got a fantastic acoustic afternoon of musics to accompany the beard making and grooming workshops pre-contest at our home this year Constellations...

Join us from 3pm and hear the delights of my good self aka SheBeat, K'sChoice hisself Derek King, Chester's dynamic duo Me and Deboe, the one and only Neildsy, a bearded Kyle Lee & the mexican walking fish, all the way from Canada eh? Darren Eedens & his fine moustache, and Liverpool's sexiest blues man Joe Kelly ^_^

Followed by at 7pm the only beard contest in town hosted by moi - the tashwag - and starring the best facial hair in town ya'll ^_^ Did you register yet? Or will you be a winner BeerdFester?  This year we'll be giving prizes out to not only Best Beard Moustache Partial and Fake, but also for Best BeerdFester, Baltic BILF and Beard Worth Talking About !

With Saturday Sept 6th less than 2 weeks away now, I can't wait! Hope to see you all there, bearded or otherwise xo

Monday, 11 August 2014

What is a BeerdFest?

Beards, beer and music that's what! ;)

On September 6th hundreds of bearded brothers and supportive sisters will get together to find out who has the Best Beard and Moustache in Liverpool at BeerdFest 2014

Liverpool's favourite Beard and Moustache Contest is back for a third time, at Liverpool's newest event space Constellations offering beer and respect to winners, register NOW to take part!

CATEGORIES this year are:
Best Beard
Best Moustache
Best Partial Beard
Best Fake (Beard, Moustache or Partial)

To enter the contest all you need to do is email your category of choice to beerdfestliverpool @

This year we'll have even more special awards on the night for both contestants AND audience members including Beard Worth Talking About, BALTIC BILF and Best BeerdFester ^_^

The contest in September is FREE to take part, and just £3 to attend. BeerdFest was dreamed up in 2012 and I'm proper thrilled with the popularity of the festival. This time around, Brian Blessed is back with some treats for festival goers, BBC Merseyside's bearded phone-in king Roger Phillips is joining our panel of judges, as too will the President of The British Beard Club, David Dade. The hirsute pursuit is strong in Liverpool - and beyond - and we're proud to celebrate the most creative and stylish out there!

And it's not just for boys, the Best Fake award (for ladies and babyfaces) is hotly contested, very creative and most entertaining! Reigning champ Claire 'Fur' Freeman has announced her plan to return: "Don't know what I can do to beat last year, but I'm hoping for to defend my title."

Prizes this year will include goodies from Swedish beer outfit Pistonhead Lager, Liverbeards, bearded barber to the stars CutThroat Pete, The British Beard Club, Independent Liverpool, Rennies Gallery and Moose Coffee.

BeerdFest is proud to support men's mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) for the second year running. Campaigner Simon Howes says: "With suicide now the biggest killer of men under 50 in this country, it is brilliant to see such a great partnership between BeerdFest and CALM continuing. Every year it gets bigger and better, much like some of the beards that enter, and we're thrilled to be able to work with such a great bunch of men and women who love their beards and care about men's wellbeing."

So that's whay it is and with live music and ace peoples - what's not to love? See you there! xo

Sunday, 10 August 2014

MEET the judges... ^_^

Roger Philips - BBC Radio Merseyside's bearded phone in king! 
Becky Pope - beard enthusiast & Constellations woman who can!
David Dade - only El Presidente of The British Beard Club!
Cut Throat Pete - bearded barber to the stars!

BeerdFest asked: Why are you involved with BeerdFest?

Roger: Because it’s such a quirky idea

Pete: I am a passionate barber/beard groomer. I have a strong interest in beards and like to help out with events that happen in my city as much as possible.

David: The British Beard Club was founded in 2008 to celebrate and support all bearded men of these islands and indeed the world. I feel that every man should grow out his beard at least once in his life, and BeerdFest is a wonderful way for bearded men and their admirers to get together, make friends, show off and celebrate their beards!

Becky: It's a welcome excuse to spark up conversation with handsome bearded strangers  in the street... but my biggest  inspiration was my Grandad and his true airforce whiskers. He was my hero and the influence behind Constellations too, so it's an honour to hold BeerdFest this year.

What do you think makes a winning contestant? 

Becky: For me it's all about the beard pride.

Pete: A winning contestant needs to have a well groomed beard, full coverage, a good symmetric shape.

David: It's all about presentation. One man's admirable beard can be very different to another, so it's the style of the whole package that the judges look for in each category. Beard Competitions are great fun to take part in as well, and not to be taken too seriously, so it's the "taking part" and the camaraderie of the beard brotherhood that makes Beerdfest a great event.

Roger: The most unusual, imaginative and/ or decorative beard or moustache

Favourite well known beard?
Pete: Ricki Hall is pretty famous now i guess... He brought the beard into the mainstream and inspired a lot of guys to grow. Zach Galifianakis has a pretty famous beard too, his is a good strong beard...

David: I have many favourite beards among our members, non-members and celebrities, so there are simply too many great beards around to pick out just one as a favourite!

Roger: Has to be Brian Blessed’s!

Becky: Captain Birdseye

What are you most looking fwd to on Sept6?

Pete: To seeing some great beards on display, it will be interesting to see how many women have beards too ^_^ oh, and a few beers... Can't have a Beerdfest and not enjoy a beer ;)

David: To meeting both old and new bearded faces and their admirers. It's a great opportunity to make new friends and maybe gather some new members to The British Beard Club and our wonderfully successful thatch, The Liverbeards.

Roger: The beer of course!

Becky: The turnout and atmosphere at last year’s show was incredible and I cant wait for round 3!

See you at Constellations, Saturday September 6th ^_^ #beardsareboss