Sunday, 10 August 2014

MEET the judges... ^_^

Roger Philips - BBC Radio Merseyside's bearded phone in king! 
Becky Pope - beard enthusiast & Constellations woman who can!
David Dade - only El Presidente of The British Beard Club!
Cut Throat Pete - bearded barber to the stars!

BeerdFest asked: Why are you involved with BeerdFest?

Roger: Because it’s such a quirky idea

Pete: I am a passionate barber/beard groomer. I have a strong interest in beards and like to help out with events that happen in my city as much as possible.

David: The British Beard Club was founded in 2008 to celebrate and support all bearded men of these islands and indeed the world. I feel that every man should grow out his beard at least once in his life, and BeerdFest is a wonderful way for bearded men and their admirers to get together, make friends, show off and celebrate their beards!

Becky: It's a welcome excuse to spark up conversation with handsome bearded strangers  in the street... but my biggest  inspiration was my Grandad and his true airforce whiskers. He was my hero and the influence behind Constellations too, so it's an honour to hold BeerdFest this year.

What do you think makes a winning contestant? 

Becky: For me it's all about the beard pride.

Pete: A winning contestant needs to have a well groomed beard, full coverage, a good symmetric shape.

David: It's all about presentation. One man's admirable beard can be very different to another, so it's the style of the whole package that the judges look for in each category. Beard Competitions are great fun to take part in as well, and not to be taken too seriously, so it's the "taking part" and the camaraderie of the beard brotherhood that makes Beerdfest a great event.

Roger: The most unusual, imaginative and/ or decorative beard or moustache

Favourite well known beard?
Pete: Ricki Hall is pretty famous now i guess... He brought the beard into the mainstream and inspired a lot of guys to grow. Zach Galifianakis has a pretty famous beard too, his is a good strong beard...

David: I have many favourite beards among our members, non-members and celebrities, so there are simply too many great beards around to pick out just one as a favourite!

Roger: Has to be Brian Blessed’s!

Becky: Captain Birdseye

What are you most looking fwd to on Sept6?

Pete: To seeing some great beards on display, it will be interesting to see how many women have beards too ^_^ oh, and a few beers... Can't have a Beerdfest and not enjoy a beer ;)

David: To meeting both old and new bearded faces and their admirers. It's a great opportunity to make new friends and maybe gather some new members to The British Beard Club and our wonderfully successful thatch, The Liverbeards.

Roger: The beer of course!

Becky: The turnout and atmosphere at last year’s show was incredible and I cant wait for round 3!

See you at Constellations, Saturday September 6th ^_^ #beardsareboss

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