Monday, 25 August 2014

BeerdFest: The Musicmakers

BeerdFest is made up of my three favourite things: beards, beer and music! This time around we've got a fantastic acoustic afternoon of musics to accompany the beard making and grooming workshops pre-contest at our home this year Constellations...

Join us from 3pm and hear the delights of my good self aka SheBeat, K'sChoice hisself Derek King, Chester's dynamic duo Me and Deboe, the one and only Neildsy, a bearded Kyle Lee & the mexican walking fish, all the way from Canada eh? Darren Eedens & his fine moustache, and Liverpool's sexiest blues man Joe Kelly ^_^

Followed by at 7pm the only beard contest in town hosted by moi - the tashwag - and starring the best facial hair in town ya'll ^_^ Did you register yet? Or will you be a winner BeerdFester?  This year we'll be giving prizes out to not only Best Beard Moustache Partial and Fake, but also for Best BeerdFester, Baltic BILF and Beard Worth Talking About !

With Saturday Sept 6th less than 2 weeks away now, I can't wait! Hope to see you all there, bearded or otherwise xo

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