Tuesday, 31 January 2012

celebrity beard!

2012 as a year of beards is going very well! Today Young Matt Cardle popped into the studios and I papped his beard - if I tell enough chaps that beards are ace perhaps word will spread and there'll be lots more lovely beards for me enjoy :D #winning

Monday, 30 January 2012

dapper duo

This is Mark and Louise.. I met them while showing my friend-from-out-of-town the delights of Liverpool One.. I asked them how come they were looking so smart on a Saturday afternoon and they said they just go about vintage stylee! Top marks! And frankly I can only encourage others to join the vintage revolution... check out Mark's tash! #Amazeballs!

Friday, 13 January 2012

hair today gone next week

this beard is going next week so Mike told me last night at The Cavern in Liverpool... we should throw it a going away party, tis a fine looking effort!

Monday, 9 January 2012

fresh beard

this beardy chap is John. Like so many brilliant ideas before it he says this 2 pronged twisty beard came about while drunk and a friend styled it for him!


this is my aussie pal Kent rocking a smart muso beard - i think beard in action is a new exciting direction for my beard blog! ha ;)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


now that i have been studying beards for some time i must admit i do find a red beard most fetching... this one is a work in progress i believe, hopefully we can get an updated pic later in the year!

chops for chrimbo

this is a hairy gent i met on christmas eve sporting some fabulous sideburns whish he says saves on razors hehe #porkchops

rock beards are best

this is Ian - he loves his rock and i loves his beard! :D #winning

girls can join in too

i think this was something to do with Movember... and perhaps the high volume of beards I'm seeing out and about at the moment is down to Decembeard which followed for some... whatever i loved muchly this gal's sporting attempts to join in :)

i like beards: deal with it

i went to a new comics night in Brum and met this jolly funny fellow called Jim... he has a fine beard and I told him so! what i don't understand is why these guys think i'm joking - embrace your facial hair men and don't dilly dally with wimmin who don't like them! they are not proper wimmin! lol ;)