Tuesday, 26 June 2012

"You make me wanna get old"

This is Chris and his fine ginger beard in San Diego! He is a doorman at Star Bar just off 4th Street in the Gas Quarter... He let me take is pic for my beard blog and when he asked me my age for my upcoming birthday he gave me the funniest compliment (at least I think it was a compliment) "You make me wanna get old!" haha thanks? ;)

Monday, 25 June 2012

fishermen grow beards too

this is Frank he's in Santa Barbara and runs a bait & tackle store on the pier there... I originally said hello cos he had a lovely lady inked on his arm but having snapped him for my holiday momentos I thought heck - that's a beard right there! do say hello to him if you're ever passing by, very nice friendly fisherman type :)

growing for the show

This is team LA beard and tash champs... I bumped into them at the LA Roller Derby and was MUCH saddened to hear I would miss the Annual champs by only a couple of days #sadtimes
but at least I got to check out their hard work and get some snaps #winning

Hold the pancakes!

Just as I sat down to enjoy my Palm Springs pancakes & syrup at Ruby's Diner on my recent jaunt to California* THIS guy walked past the front window! Hold my breakfast I HAVE to have this beard for my blog... I saw him look like he headed into the shop next door so I wandered casually in but he wasn't there... then the shop next door to that was a hat shop where he was looking for some sun protection and I stalked the poor fella casually until I faked a bump into in the central aisle! Hello! I abused the English charm to the max, what a lovely beard etc ;) Sam was happy to tell me it took 8 years to grow and that the local gals didn't much dig facial hair - I told him get thee to Europe my friend! Amazing start to my Californian beards fest... !

*promise I'm NOT name dropping too much ;) 

sketchy beard

This is another surprise art beard I stumbled upon in an art gallery in San Diego, I did write down the name of the artist but I can't find it - still unpacking and digesting my trip so when I find it I'll add it... meantime what a great sketch featuring a beard! :)

on the tracks

On a train to Birmingham recently I met this chap collecting tickets, the thing with this friendly looking facial is, he had more tucked away!this was work style... that tash corner is folded in on itself! I wish I coulda got a shot of it 'untucked' but I know it would be fabulous...

got wood

In Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery upstairs, turn right then a couple of lefts you'll find this guy! Love to come across a surprise beard especially one as crafted as this one :D


This was a creative looking facial that I happened upon during Sound City in May in Liverpool... We didn't get many deets on this one but always glad to se creative adventures in facial hair!


Apols for the delay since my last beard post! I had a technical hitch that is Google updated the way the site works in a way that my usual upload PC couldn't handle AT ALL... so with convenience out the window I stalled a little, but dear reader, I still was out & about cataloguing proper good beards and facials for you to share at some point.. and now that time has come! haha This is Gandalf! Well not really, but his girlfriend has a Gandalf thing and won't let John from Bristol cut tthis four year epic beard off! I'm so glad when a stranger allows me to share their beard on here, I bumped into John at Birmingham Coach Station and HAD to have a picture! #mybeardadventures