Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Grapes Find

This is John from Bootle

He was hesitant to let me pap this beard because he says usually the sides are trimmed right down so tis more of an epic goatee style.. but here it is as is, he says it takes him around 6 months and he's been beardy for as long as he can remember...

The Grapes on Roscoe St is not only one of the finest drinking holes in Liverpuddle,
 but a rich seam of great beards and general facial furriness!

Premier Beardy Opinion

This is me with a faux moustache posing for the photographer for the local rag #silliness

The Liverpool Echo contacted me after hearing about The Liverbeards and ran this piece about my 'abnormal love of beards' !

Abnormal in whose opinion please? haha never trust a journalist!
I defo never said half the stuff they creatively put in quotations but I always knew it was gonna be a stitch up, why else feature me at all... 

Having said that tis fun being in the local paper regardless, imagine being the go-to girl for beardy opinion, that's a #win people haha 

Read the full article here 

The Liverbeards

These are The Liverbeards 

A small sociable gathering of bearded ones and beardy appreciators 
who meet in The Baltic Fleet once a month 

The group was a spin-off from my Beerdfest, 
another of which is coming in November stay tuned...

Lovely chaps :)

Norwegian Jungle

This is Eric from Norway... 

I met him at Studio2 on Parr St during the Korean Rock party at Liverpool Sound City... 

He told me he was from the only Norwegian jungle! 
I know nothing of Norway and it's forestry 
but I DO know that this is one of the most EPIC beards I have ever had the pleasure to meet 
and together with his long blonde hair quite the winning Viking look! 

Epic Eric was a little tipsy, but I hope this picture does the greatness of his beard justice!

You Can Run...

This fine bearded fellow tried to escape me! haha 

He didn't give me his name once I caught up with him outside Tavern on the Green 
but did give good face I think you'll agree...

You can run fellas, but you cannot hide from the beardy blogger ;) 

Godly Bearding

This is Jay from Manchester

During Liverpool Sound City weekend I found myself with rich pickings regards great beards! 
While watching local band Amsterdam play in the Anglican Cathedral I met this gentleman who upped the general bearded goodness with a rather plush plum velvet blazer... extra style points mister!