Sunday, 31 August 2014

beards are boss

There has been much talk of beards being merely a hipster trend, something that will be cast aside as soon as the next cool-because-it-isn't-cool comes around (see nerd glasses and tweed for details).

Except the difference between beards and trendy accessories is each one is unique. Sure, your beard-spiration might be David Beckham's musketeer look, or Tim Howard's World Cup effort, or even Cali-sensation Incredibeard, but still what grows out of your own face is just that, your very own.

The thing that nobody wants to talk about is who is behind the hating on beards. Aside from the obvious dip in razor sales and a few female dissenters, beard envy has more to answer for than you think. Over and over again I hear stories from men with jobs that no reasonable reason would prevent them from growing their beard as long as they wish. Almost always the reason they are forced to shave or keep a short beard is a man who can't grow his own.

Emasculation ladies and gentlemen. I don't wish to force beards on those who don't wish to grow them, but surely it is every man's right to grow one if he so chooses? And just because you don't like them or can't grow one yourself should not give you carte blanche to take away the joy of beards from all others!

Beards in music often represent a moment of freedom, the time when an artist can be unshackled from a more commercial clean cut image. The Beatles gave good beard once they threw off their boyband look and more recently Jared Leto left being a chiselled chin for Hollywood for rock and roll beardy times.

So don't listen to the nay-sayers, beards are boss. Sure it might not be for you, but at least give it a try, YOLO style and free your follicles! Certainly make sure to congratulate a man with a fine beard when you see one, for such a thing requires patience, commitment and creativity.
BeerdFest, Liverpool's beard and moustache contest is on Saturday 6th (#WorldBeardDay) at Constellations from 3pm til late. Beards, beer and music - what's not to love? #beardsareboss

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