Tuesday, 9 September 2014


BeerdFest 2014 Best Beard winner Michael Legge refuses to be a #mandown
BeerdFest is proud to support men's mental health charity CALM and here to prove the point are a few of our World Beard Day BeerdFesters proving it's tough to be miserable with a badass beard!

The Man Down campaign is all about raising awareness of the fact that suicide is now the biggest killer of men under 50.  It’s about encouraging men to recognise when they are finding life difficult and talk to someone, rather than reach a point of crisis, and it’s about encouraging us all to look out for our mates…
BeerdFest contestant Nick Ballam refuses to be a #mandown

Help CALM have a big impact on Wednesday September 10th by backing the campaign, find and print off your sign using the link below, take a selfie and share it on your networks, including #ManDown & #WSPD14
Former BeerdFest champ Michael O'Brien refuses to be a #mandown
The fairer sex can get involved too - there's a poster for girlfriends, wives, partners, mums etc ^_^  For more information on the #mandown campaign visit https://www.thecalmzone.net/2014/09/mandown-launches-wednesday-on-merseyside/

Liverpool musician Joe Kelly refuses to be a #mandown

And remember a beard is for life, not just for BeerdFest ;) To join the mailing list email beerdfestliverpool at gmail.com and we'll keep you informed of any upcoming bearded fun and games in Liverpool.

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