Thursday, 4 September 2014

A winner's perspective...

We caught up with last year's winners Mycroft (Freestyle champ) and Dave (Partial champ)...

What did you most enjoy about taking part?

Mycroft: I enjoy the whimsy of it. Celebrating something everyday and mundane in a reverential fashion. I love that the beard has the power to bring together and unite people from all walks of life and interests.

Dave: Simply being part of a warm, friendly gathering and meeting new and interesting folk, topped off by a message from a true legend. Seriously, how many people have ever chinned a polar bear in their tent?

Brian Blessed returns this year as patron for the contest & has sent us goodies for the winners! - Ed.

What are your winning tips?

Mycroft: There's a lot of astounding beards in the contest. Character is essential. Be impressive, be memorable!

Dave: Revel in Your eccentricity! 

Will you be returning this year to defend your title?

Mycroft: Yes I will. The contest is getting tougher every year though. Of course I would love to win a hat trick but I'm facing some rather bristling competition this year.

Dave: I hope to defend my title this time round, it would be nice to win but it's not just about that eh?

Who is your beard-spiration?

Mycroft: Grizzly Adams, Yoffy and my dad!

Dave: My friend Mark Wainy Wain and the wonderful Brian Blessed!

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