Monday, 8 September 2014

Fuzzfest Success

Thanks to everyone who helped, competed and attended BeerdFest for World Beard Day 2014!

Pictured is our winner of Best Beard Michael Legge who travelled all the way across from Rotherham, Yorkshire to take away the most coveted award of the evening, and deservedly so ^_^

Other winners were: Martin Doherty from Crosby for Best Moustache, Michael Wallage from Derbyshire for Best Partial Beard, Delia Brady-Jacobs from Liverpool for Best Fake, Steve Walsh from Liverpool for Beard Worth Talking About, Dean Palmer from Wallasey for Baltic BILF and Mycroft Milverton from Liverpool for Best BeerdFester - phew! that's a whole lotta catwalks!

Thanks especially to my beardfancying compadre Becky Pope from Constellations and all the other judges - Roger Phillips, David Dade and Cutthroat Pete - for giving up their time...
Much thanks to the tech Tom, DJ Richie Vegas and pappers Hannah Cassidy, Kayley Cope, Jim Moody, Dave Colbran, Adrian Wharton, Gary Phillips and Dave Walker ensuring we have awesome pics to go with our happy memories this weekend...
And thanks muchly to my musical pals Joe Kelly, Neildsy, Me and Deboe, Derek King, Kyle Lee, Darren Eedens - who just about made it travelled up from sunny Wales - and Liz Owen who all showed up to share their many talented energies to make the festival the best ever - onwards and upwards to 2015 now ^_^

I'll keep sharing pics from the big day as I get through them and update how much we raised for CALM as soon as we know...

If you're in Liverpool or surrounding areas, do join me for a recovery beer with the Liverbeards in the Baltic Fleet Tuesday September 30th from 7pm

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