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Up close and personal

I know what you've been thinking... Oh it's such a long time before the next BeerdFest how can I cope? Well don't worry! I have cheeky plans to bring you a BeerdFest 2015 calendar to raise more money for CALM that you'll be able to purchase sooooon & I am preparing for the first beard Blind Date (if you wanna get on the list to be set up I'm taking applications at beerdfestliverpool at gmail dot com)

For now then... Let's meet the winners from BeerdFest 2014 - what was their best bit? will they be back for the 2015 #worldbeardday meet?

As a gentle reminder then, ladles and gentlespoons, your winners 2014 were: 
Best Beard// Michael Legge  
Best Partial// Michael Wallage
Best Moustache// Martin Doherty 
Best Fake// Delia Brady Jacobs
Best Beerdfester// Mycroft Milverton 
Beard Worth Talking About// Steve Walsh 
BeerdFest BILF// Dean Palmer

Why did you decide to take part in BeerdFest? 

ML Upon first hearing of 'beerdfest' through the British beard club news letter and social media sites, I thought I'd love to attend! Having been to similar events around the country (scarborough, Brighton, Yeovil etc) I love these events, as a passionate beard grower for nearly 4 years it's nice to get together with people with similar interests for a good old chin wag!

MW Beard competitions are a good excuse for a great day out and to get together with other Beardo`s, to meet new friends and old. Another major attraction of competitions is a chance to raise money and awareness for the nominated charities that most events support. I heard about Beerdfest 2013 via friends on Facebook but unfortunately I was unable to attend, so 2014 was my first Beerdfest. Am I a passionate beard grower? Just look at me ! My house is full to the rafters with potions, lotions, pills and products in order to keep the face fuzz in "purrfect" condition.
MD Knew about Beerdfest since the first one in 2012, didn't go then, but my housemate (Jamie Howie) won Best Moustache. I competed last year and came 2nd, so decided to keep it going in the hope of reclaiming the title back for the house!
DBJ After meeeting up with friends who suggested going to the event...
MM I found out about Beerdfest through meeting Jodie at the guitar shop on Aigburth Road. This was my third year at Beerdfest. I’m a member of British Beard Club, and visited their AGM because I was in Brighton at the time. I’ve had a beard all my adult life. I love them. Beerdfesters share this love, so although we may have little else in common we share this passion.
SW My girlfriend entered me in the previous years event. Epic night of merriment, so was a given I would reattend.  
DP I heard about the event last year and followed the groups page on twitter. I decided to take part because it looked like a fun day out, all for a good cause and a chance to meet fellow beards/beard lovers. I've never been to one of these events before but would certainly go again!

What is your favourite memory from BeerdFest? 

ML This was the second 'beerdfest' I've attended and is a great family fun day out, the kids enjoy coming along and like to cheer their dad on when on stage. I'd like to say I have a favourite part of the day but the whole experience is just amazing, you get to meet old/new faces all with a love of beards. 

MW Obviously for me the highlight of my day was taking the top spot in the partial beard category. That aside, the warm welcome and great atmosphere.

MD Fave memory is being on the catwalk, it's certainly very scary but quite exhilarating afterwards!

DBJ Strutting along the TashWag catwalk to the cheer of the crowd...

MM The only food on offer was saucy burritos. A most inappropriate food for the bearded! It was funny to see those some of those well groomed beards fill up with rice and chilli sauce!

SW Seeing Michael Legge win after he was robbed last year! 
DP Definitely watching everyone's catwalk! Hilarious and all in good spirit.

As a WINNER you received beer and respect - have you noticed any other differences in the way people regard you since your win?

ML I was chuffed to have won first place and was showered in gifts, love and bearded respect, it's great when out and about getting noticed and stopped for pictures, kind of like a mini celebrity! But the real reason for events like this are to raise a little money for charity and the thought of contributing to help others is priceless.

MW With all due respect I`ve not noticed a great difference but that is one of the main attractions of competitive bearding. It makes no difference whether you`re a seasoned competitor or a bearding rookie, all facial hair is valid. In my experience everybody is treated equally.

MD My winning moustache is now about 14 inches wide so for better or worse any close friends or family have long since made their feelings known! But there have been more than a few work colleagues, customers (cinema off Bold St.) and people on the street that have since said congrats, I guess it's such an excellent night each year and word has spread!

DBJ Not really, but all who heard about my win thought the Fake category was a great idea...

MM  I enjoyed some great smelling beard moisturiser from Lush... Respect? What respect? Where’e my respect?!?! I haven’t noticed anybody treating me any differently. The favourable comments on my bristles have continued though.

SW No difference in the way people regard me but it nice to be a part of the larger beard community both nationally and internationally thanks to the British Beard Club membership. 
DP A lot of people on Facebook have been asking me about the event from the photos I have put up. People have since been asking advice on growing a beard.

Will you be coming to defend your title next year on Saturday September 5th? 

ML I will definately be back next year - not only to defend my title, but to meet and greet my bearded family!

MW Yes all being well I will be there to defend the title.  We'll spreading the word about Beerdfest... we`ve already persuaded a couple of new bearded faces to join us on the journey north next year. 

MD Might be back next year, may even try for the nationals! Ok the British Beard Club membership is VERY welcome but kinda scuppers my plans to start a new beard/moustache from scratch... I'm off to the Himalayas this Christmas and was planning to cut the 'tache off on 1st Jan at high camp on Island Peak, then bury it at the top of the glacier... seemed a fitting way for it to go. Now I might just fore-go the difficulty of shaving at 20,000ft in favour of extra upper-lip warmth (and hopefully the amusement of the locals)!

MM I will definitely be coming. In fact I already have an outfit in mind. But I may change my mind on that detail. I’m not sure what category yet. I would love to see the “Freestyle” category come back. Hint!

SW Nothing apart from being struck down with alopecia will stop me!
DP I will have to see! My plan is to go over to New Zealand for a year or two working. I'll be there in spirit!

Michael Legge on the TashWag catwalk// pic Hannah Cassidy

How would you describe BeerdFest in 3 words? 

ML If I had to describe 'beerdfest' in 3 words it would be..........fantastic follicle fun!

MW 3 words, tough one... fantastic follicular festival!

MD Tweaking, staring, Blessed!

DBJ  Too right!!! Already got ideas for my fakey! 

MM Perfectly Pogonophilic Pogonomania!

SW Bewhiskered flocculent frivolity! 
DP Hilarious, Hairy,  Hangover!

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