Saturday, 10 September 2016

Beerdfest 2016

What happened at Beerdfest 2016?

Thank you very much for another bonkers fun day ^_^ 

We raised £227 for Freshfields Animal Rescue and Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS)and we had a great time doing it! 

The winners then?

Monster Beard winner Rob Young 

 Freak Freestyle winner Tim Hodge 

Business Beard winner Danny Maxwell

Moustache winner Martin Doherty

Homemade winner Lorraine Howard 

Partial Beard winner Simon Sheffield 

Beard I'd Like To Fondle (BILF) winner Brian Eva 

 Beerdfester winner Michael 'John Bull' Wallage 


Thanks to brilliant venue manager Becky at Constellations - without whom I could not do my Beerdfest! Thanks to the wonderful team who looked after us on the day too, think you can still grab a Beerdfest beer (from Liverpool Craft Beer) behind the bar if you're quick!

Thanks to our ace judge panel this year - Richard Singleton from The Essential Journal, Roger Phillips (wonderful last minute stand in for lovely daughter Ellie Philips), Michael 'chops' Wallage and boss beard art maker Maya Battle - for giving up time to come along and do the points bit as the beards did their catwalk thing 
and thanks to Ben Power for the sounds as we catwalked! 

Ta to our ace acoustic music makers !!! Maddie Stenberg, SheBeat, Neildsy, Joe Kelly (JG & The Pelato), Benn Helm - (and almost Liz Owen and Eleanor Nelly too... long story!) 

Thanks to our generous partners this year Beard of Liverpool, Attitude for Men  (L1 Topshop), Lush Spa Liverpool, The British Beard Club, Liverpool Craft Beer, Mariner Jack, Bristlr App and everyone else who donated prizes in our charity raffle including Old Country Gent, Bearded Birmingham, Sumatran Orangutan Society and our beardy legend patron SIR BRIAN BLESSED!!! 

Thanks to awesome pictures from Georgia Flynn Creative & Bluethumb Photography. All rights reserved 2016. 

See you next time? ;) 

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