Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cheeky Tash

I papped this cheeky tashed fella in Liverpool on North John Street just before Beerdfest 
and begged him to participate!! 
alas he was only doing 'Movember' and was shaving it off in a blaze of glory on Nov 30th 
- so pretty lucky to have snapped him! 
What a work of art! 
I take umbridge with Movember.. yes you read correctly - I used the word umbridge! haha 
(2013 is a year for fancy words #fact) 
What peeves me is all these guys grow great tashes... and then 'the rules' state they must shave them off on Nov 30th?? Why??? I cannot get behind that! 
Sure have an optional shaving off party or two but don't 'enforce' tash removal - they are a thing of effort and beauty gone in a second of an electric razor... it's just not right... 
just as a puppy is not just for Christmas I feel a great tash is not just for Movemeber... 
ah well, at least we can enjoy this one forever frozen in time, 
caught before the clean shave on Nov 28th haha...

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